Welcome to our world of Argentine Tango! 

Tango Lyrical Theatre Singapore is a non-profit dance group formed by a group of Argentine Tango enthusiasts. Having started in 2007, we are utmost happy to have befriended folks from all walks of life, who appreciate our love for this dance as much as we do.

We first began our journey under the umbrella of En Motion Dance School and have since then, nurtured close to 60 Argentine Tango dancers through our structured lessons and syllabus. 

Till date, our network has grown to other dance schools and studios. 

Constantly on the look out for new opportunities and avenues to share, we also provide customized lessons and schedules to tailor to each individual’s needs.

Our dance and syllabus centered on a combination of both salon and nuevo tango styles, which is notably different from Ballroom Tango. This is further complemented with our strong emphasis on musicality and improvisation.

Check out our class schedules for more details.

In our quest to spread the Argentine Tango culture and cultivate our fellow generations of dancers, we have collaborated with several community bodies in projects that would enrich the lives of others. 

We have also performed in several private as well as corporate events too!

Feel free to browse our links for photos and videos of our past performances.

Now, we would like to Share this love with you, our distinguished visitors, and hope that our little piece of haven would bring you solace.Class_Schedules.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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